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Market Analysis

Here at BFJ we devote much in on time, global viewed and critical-thinking way of market analytic system to provide first-hand options about the moverment in the market.We believe that there is no short cut in turning the understanding of the market into stable growth of the capital. The “BFJ Weekly Hawkeye” report entails a great deal of information from a macro-economic perspective, technical analysis as well as outlook generated by our well-structured, self-invented analytic system.

Quantitative Research

It is high-speed train that you don’t want to miss in the trend of quantitative approach towards a more thorough view of the financial market. BFJ has successfully established a competative, competent and accurate quants research team to provide in-depth research covering almost all the most-popularly traded products. Presumably with the input of level of risk tolerance and profit expectation our system can generate tailored trading signals for those in interest.


Fund Management

With more than 10 years’ experience in trading financial products, our team embraces the talent with background of Financial Markets, Risk Management, Actuary, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Financial Engineering, Software Development as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We dedicatd ourselves in designing, developming and optimizing the automatic, customizable and integrated “Trifecta Trading System (TTS)” in order to achieve growth of the capital. Our fund products as alternative investments provide our clients with limited risk threshold and consistent profitability.

Risk Management

Capital Protection; Asset Allocation; Strategy Diversification; Performance Attribution; Multi Risk Factor Simulation; Enhanced IT Security. We provide comprehensive SaaS (Software as Service) tools such as risk management solutions to brokers/market makers/managed fund at all levels. Empowered by state-of-the-art technology, we company you towards success, while safeguard from downside along the way.

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