BFJ is a renowned and well-established proprietary trading firm with offices in Sydney, Shanghai, Hangzhou. At BFJ, we specialise in providing risk management and fully automated trading. With a supportive culture, proven technique and successful track record of growth and trading strategy, today we focus on futures, equities, foreign exchange and commodities. 

Our Story

Started from 2008, the founder and the current Managing Director, of Brooks Filip & Joshua (BFJ Pty Ltd), Filip Shu, found his enthusiasm and passion in trading. For the past 10 years Filip has been dedicated in studying financial markets, mainly on currencies, precious metals and indices. In 2016, Filip chose to form his own team and run prop-trading business. Following the trend of technological development in the trading industry, Filip has set the tune at the beginning for BFJ that it won’t stop the pursuit to provide the state-of-art trading technics and system that can allow access to global financial markets and also demonstrate stable profitability.

Our Achievement

  • 2008 – Establishment

    Start of the idea for partner up in Beijing with the name Brooks Filip & Joshua.

  • 2014 Dec – Establishment

    Incorporated in Sydney BFJ Pty Ltd, Business Name “BFJ Funds”.

  • 2016 Arp – Establishment

    Open up office in Haymarket.

  • 2016 Arp – Achievement

    First trade in Currency and Gold by automated trading strategies.

  • 2016 Oct – Upgrade

    Automated quantitative trading strategies covering Index, Currency, Metal, Energy and other derivatives.

  • 2017 Jan – Achievement

    Fund under Management $1,000,000 AUD.

  • 2017 – Jun Growth

    Strategy, Quants Research and Risk, Technology Development team up.

  • 2017 Nov – Upgrade

    launch Trifecta Trading Strategy.

  • 2018 Jan – Growth

    10th team member came in January.

  • 2018 Jan – Achievement

    FUM $2,000,000 AUD.

  • 2018 May – Expansion

    Mirror company of BFJ Funds – “博富佳诚” incorporated and registered in Hangzhou, China.

  • 2018 Sep – Upgrade

    Integrated Momentum, Trend following, Mean-reverse, Event-driven and Statistic Arbitrage strategies into Trifecta Trading Strategy 2.0.

  • 2018 Dec – Achievement

    FUM $2,800,000 AUD in three private managed fund products: BFJ – TTS Defensive, BFJ – TTS Moderate, and BFJ – TTS Growth.

  • 2018 Dec – Achievement

    FUM $2,800,000 AUD in three private managed fund products: BFJ – TTS Defensive, BFJ – TTS Moderate, and BFJ – TTS Growth.

  • 2019 Mar – Achievement

    First trade in CTA China through CTP, FUM $2,500,000 AUD and ¥20,000,000 RMB.

Our Team

SHU, Filip | Founder and MD of BFJ

MA Finance (USYD), FRM, 10 years’ trading experience, specialized in intraday trading of major currencies, precious metal, and index. Previously worked as Metal Trader in Hengtai Investment Co., as Senior Trader and then Head of Trading in Australian Gold and Silver Exchange, as Dealer in risk management team of Australian top retail forex broker. Professional member of Australian Wall Street, and has worked as assistant in the office of Shadow Assistant Minister of Treasury in Australia.

WU, Anthony | BFJ Funds Chief Strategist, BFJ Consulting Chief Consultant

MA Finance (USYD), Lv 3 CFA Financial Analyst, Lv2 FRM Risk Manager, Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) Top 5%, 13 years’ experience in Forex and stock trading, has worked as risk manager, forex trader, chief monetary strategist of a well-known forex broker, has written articles and columns for Bloomberg, Fxstreet, AFN and other financial websites and media, provide risk management to more than ten Forex brokers.

LIU, Rocky | BFJ Funds Chief System Architect

BA Information Technology (MQU), 6 years experiences in IT Industry, specialized in full stack development, familiar with mainstream front-end, back-end development language, database language and server-side language, worked as font-end and back-end developer since 2013, has provided full stack development for many organizations, in charge of service architecture and product promotion, provide one-stop service to many users.

YUE, Molly | BFJ Consulting Backstage Framework consultant

BA Data Analysis (UTS), has worked as system operation manager at a well-known forex broker, manage and optimize over 150 servers worldwide, provide best market experience for over 100,000 customers.

YANG, Moe | BFJ Funds Quantitative Analyst

BA Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance (MQU), IAA Lv 1. Quantitative Analyst of Brooks Filip & Joshua (BFJ Funds). Previously worked as Junior Analyst in China top-tier insurance company, as Analyst in financial modelling and portfolio management department in asset management company in both China and Australia.

YU, Carol | BFJ Funds Quantitative Analyst

MA Actuarial Science (UMelb), BA Actuarial Science (UNSW), has awarded two times the Dean’s List and once Academic scholarship, IAA Lv1, CFA Financial Analyst Lv2, has conducted financial analysis and valuation of ten Australian listed companies, focus on the quantitative analysis of macroeconomic data and the price operation mode of financial products.

ZHU, Drew | BFJ Funds Senior System Engineer

MA Computer Science (UNSW), with many years’ experience of IT Industry, specialized in background development, familiar with mainstream back-end development languages and database structure, provided back-end services for many companies, in charge of set up trading platform, provide technical support of reliable trading and delay optimization.

LIN, Eugene | BFJ Funds Database Engineer

BA Materials Engineering ( Monash U and Central South U), MA Information Systems (UniMelb), has awarded once the Dean’s List and Joint Program Scholarship, Completed online certificate of Applied Machine Learning in Columbia University, experienced in IT Consulting, ERP and E-commerce, working on font-end, back-end and database development, interest in Lean Startup, Agile methodologies for project management and people-oriented design.

DONG, Eason | BFJ Consulting Risk Control Analyst

CFA Financial Analyst Lv3, MSF (Uwindsor), has awarded college scholarship (Top 3), has worked as Risk Control Analyst at an Australia well-known forex broker, managed over $200 Million in customer funds.

Where To Find BFJ


100/515 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, Australia


832/3820, South Ring Rd, Hangzhou, China


2201/55 West Wei Fang Rd, Shanghai, China

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