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Apple Apple enters the 5G market with new line of iPhones
Eli Lilly Eli Lilly announced along with J&J that COVID drug trails will be halted
Deutsche Deutsche Bank fined €13.5m for flagging suspicious transactions too late
Delta Delta Air Lines boss warns of 2-year business travel recovery
Amazon Amazon workers call for a day off to vote.
Fixed Income
US Bond The yield on 10-year Treasuries fell more than four basis points to 0.73%.
EUR EU given green light to hit US with tariffs in Airbus-Boeing ruling
USD Amy Coney Barret vows she will bring no ‘agenda’ to US Supreme Court; US Supreme Court grants Trump request to stop census count
GBP UK job losses rise at record rate in 3 months to August
CNY Chinese imports hit record dollar amount in September, up 13.2 per cent year on year to $203bn, by far the biggest jump in 2020
CAD Canada to pay workers C$500/w Covid-19 benefit
Gold Gold was at $1,893.24 an ounce.
WTI West Texas Intermediate crude dropped 0.2% to $40.11 a barrel.
COVID-19 Global Pandemic Latest
Region Confirmed Cases Deaths Recovered
Global 38,342,780 1,090,101 28,833,466
U.S. 8,087,028 220,773 5,220,662

Charts to Watch

Chart 1. US small caps depict strength despite economic doom and no stimulus

Chart 2. US COVID cases show no signs of slowdown

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